#WBW – Town-building Tips for GM’s

Welcome back world builders! We've been speaking about world building generally for a while now, as someone who creates worlds for fiction and worlds for tabletop, my personal perspective makes me see a lot of overlap between the two. But, this fortnight I'm bringing the focus back to tabletop specifically, with what will hopefully be … Continue reading #WBW – Town-building Tips for GM’s

#WBW- Money Matters

Hello world building frens! Welcome back to another installment of World Building Wednesday! I feel like it's high time we start exploring the more urban aspects of world building, so our next few posts are going to center around building living cities and towns, and we're going to start it off with something that a … Continue reading #WBW- Money Matters

#WBW – Making Monsters

  Hey world builders! Seeing as yesterday was Halloween, and Thursday will be Dia de los Muertos, I thought that it was the perfect time to delve into the darkness of myths and monsters centered around fears and unknowns!  This fortnight I'm luckily joined by my some of my friends from the Tinker Tabletop crew, the … Continue reading #WBW – Making Monsters

#WBW – Myths and Legends

Welcome back fellow world builders, to another installment of #WBW! This Wednesday we’re starting a three-part exploration of myths and legends, and looking at how developing these sort of concepts can enrich and colour your creations! Our own world has a deep, diverse culture of myths and legends, and so no doubt the idea of … Continue reading #WBW – Myths and Legends

#WBW – Game Master Guidance with Tinker Tabletop’s Dan Rodgers!

Following on from last fortnight's interview, this edition of World Build Wednesday here on Jellit is for all the Game Masters out there! We're kicking back for a chat with Dan Rodgers, one of the regular GM's over at Tinker Tabletop! There aren't many people I know who are as full bottle on creating worlds … Continue reading #WBW – Game Master Guidance with Tinker Tabletop’s Dan Rodgers!

#SFAS – Songs for a Saturday Night; Music Meme Introduction

If you’ve had a peek over at my Spotify, you no doubt would have noticed a playlist called Songs for a Saturday Night. When I was like, 20 years old, I read 31 Songs by Nick Hornby. 12 years ago, when I finished the book, I started collating my own “31” songs. Only there ended … Continue reading #SFAS – Songs for a Saturday Night; Music Meme Introduction