#WBW – Weeks, Months and Days

Welcome back world builders! I'll start up by apologising for the text-heavy posts recently. (I know blocks of texts are tedious and boring to read.) My work contract has still been keeping me busy, but I'm hoping to have more free time to jazz up the blog with some visuals soon and plans have been … Continue reading #WBW – Weeks, Months and Days

#WBW – A Question of History

Welcome back world building frendos! I hope you'll forgive me for another image light post this week. I'm working a new contract at the moment developing some content for a University website and it's been chewing into my free time. But, just because I have a little less time to spend prettying up my posts, … Continue reading #WBW – A Question of History

#WBW – When Planets and Planes Collide

Welcome back world-builders! We've been getting pretty specific recently, hammering out a lot of the nitty gritty stuff to do with shaping our worlds. So this fortnight, I thought we should take things back the other way again, and go as big as possible. Universe building, Cosmology building, whatever we want to call it. This … Continue reading #WBW – When Planets and Planes Collide

#WBW – Town Building Tips for Everyone

Welcome back world builders! I've covered the idea of town building briefly in a post specifically for GM's, and let's face it. For many of us tabletop gamers, it's town building that takes up the bulk of our time. Crafting those cities and breathing life into every corner of them. The same can be said … Continue reading #WBW – Town Building Tips for Everyone


  Hello frens. Fair warning, this shit is going to get very savage, very quickly. I had an illuminating conversation this afternoon with a woman about why she needs an assault rifle. I had asked for what purpose could a civilian possibly need a weapon that can unload 400 rounds of ammunition in a minute. … Continue reading #SAVAGE – BUT I NEED AN ASSAULT RIFLE TO PROTECT MY CHICKENS