#WBW – Rocks, Minerals, Mountains and Hills

Following on from last fortnight’s post, this fortnight is all about geology! This week we’re talking rocks and land formations with one of my fav gal pals! Geology enthusiast, and former science museum volunteer, Rachael! Rachael is also the talented artist responsible for our beautiful feature image! How is geology relevant to world building? You … Continue reading #WBW – Rocks, Minerals, Mountains and Hills

I made a long list – #WMIIF

Tonight, I found out one of my crazy ideas had been selected for the Walkleys Media Incubator and Innovation Funding longlist. (And if you think that is a mouthful, don’t worry. I do too.) I found out four days after the emails informing applicants of their success were sent out. Mostly because my gmail account … Continue reading I made a long list – #WMIIF

Some Stuff About Syria

From 2014 to 2016 I spent time researching the Syrian Crisis. This began as a bit of a personal mission, in that I was quite interested in trying to understand the situation as best as I could, and eventually developed into the subject of my thesis for my Masters in International Journalism. I don’t claim … Continue reading Some Stuff About Syria