Jellit’s post are organised using some stupid hashtags, listed below.

Latest posts appear on the front page. You can jump to any category using the drop down menu or by searching for the relevant tag.

#CONSTRUCTS – Poetry or prose that I’ve written, and other things related to creative writing

#EXPLAIN – Where I try to be a good journalist even though no one is paying me

#SAVAGE – These are my opinions. That doesn’t mean they have to be yours

#VAGABOND – I like to travel and I’ll tell you about it if you like

#MOMENT – Photographs that I take and actually like enough to do something with

#DISTRACT – I’m the self ordained Queen of procrastination

#SOUND – Music I listen to and why I like it

#DIFY – Do It For Yourself; Ways I fool others into thinking I am an adult

#SOCIALS – Stuff that is literally just about my life. Very boring. (Probably.)

Appropriate or alternately absolutely ridiculous hashtags are also used in the actual tags of each post. But only because I find them necessary or hilarious at the time, they won’t help you get around.