#TBTT – Trolled by Technology Tuesday!

Hey folks!

If you’re a follower of my World Building Wednesday posts, you’ll probably know that last month I promised February’s WBW’s would start off with the return of the podcast and a juicy segment on conflict!

While there will still be a WBW post tomorrow, today’s post is all about why it’s not going to be a podcast.

Those of you who have been following my amateur foray into the world of talking shit and recording it for other people to listen to will know that I’m a pure novice at this stuff. I’m recording my discord conversations with my friends using a streaming program and trying to edit it all together using my very limited Adobe Audition training from my University days.

I’m doing it mostly for fun, and to try and perfect a new skill, so I’m not too hard on myself right now.

But my computer, Catra, she’s another story altogether. She either hates conflict. or, she really loves it.

I can’t solely blame everything on Catra. A motherboard issue has been causing her grief and I haven’t gotten it fixed. A problem with my audio jack has meant that the last two times I’ve recorded the WBW podcast, Catra’s picked up not the sound of our voices, but a really annoying feedback loop of hissing and clicking that’s being caused by the audio jacks faulty connection to the motherboard.

(While I know most of you are probably like, “who gives a toss, Elli?” The name of this blog is ‘Just Elli Things’ and this is definitely an Elli thing going on right now!)

For those of you awaiting the return of the podcast, I’m sorry to say, you’ll have to wait a little longer while I begin operations on Catra.

But, the world building will still continue in text format!

(I’m not a one machine kinda gal, I’m just a one good machine kinda gal. My laptop will keep me typing while Catra goes under the screwdriver c; )



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