For Your Commentary

This isn’t for your commentary.
I don’t want to know what you think now.
First I want you to take the moment,
To reflect, and ask yourself the questions why, and how.

The answers are never easy,
They should not fly to your mind so quick.
Truth and clarity are not a flash in the pan.
They are structures built, brick by brick.

There are two things most precious of all to man,
Two things which stretch out limitless before our mind.
We often take their relationship much for granted,
Forget to cherish in tandem: Knowledge and Time.

Two things to offer up to us,
understanding and growth.
Yet in the flurries of reaction,
We choose haste, and ignore both.

There have been many to try to teach us of reason,
to temper our nature to act on our impulsive pride,
their lessons prove difficult, so we ignore them.
And as a whole, we begin to decline.

Consideration is an artform, dying.
Introspection, no longer taught.
Today the mode of every being,
Is selfish, reflexive thought.

This isn’t for your commentary.
I want that much to be clear.
Your present opinion has yet to consider this point,
So voicing it would be unwise, here.

A poem I wrote when I was feeling particularly savage about the difference between opinions and facts.