I made a long list – #WMIIF

Tonight, I found out one of my crazy ideas had been selected for the Walkleys Media Incubator and Innovation Funding longlist. (And if you think that is a mouthful, don’t worry. I do too.)

I found out four days after the emails informing applicants of their success were sent out. Mostly because my gmail account was recently signed up for loads of spam, somehow. (Yet I refuse to relinquish it.) When I sent off the application, I really didn’t expect anything to come of it, so I almost missed it amongst all the strange German and Russian subject lines when I was dutifully clearing out my inbox.

I won’t lie, I’m still too far into the period of low-key freak out to say I’m excited. But there is an element of excitement to the low-key freaking out.

I had been trying to craft my crazy idea into a PhD proposal, so it isn’t like I haven’t done some leg work for it already. But a PhD proposal and the sort of things a startup needs aren’t exactly in the same category.

Lucky for me, I happen to have a friend whose done this whole start-up dance before. So I scheduled a time to chat with her and get some solid advice on my next steps.

I was about to head to bed, but then, I thought maybe reading the trials and tribulations of someone trying to turn an idea into something more tangible might appeal to a lot of people. Some people might be embarking on similar journeys. Some people might be interested in the idea itself; reshaping the news media and how we interact with it, and some people might just be my Mum.

Whatever the reasons, all future posts related to my crazy idea and the Walkleys Media Incubator and Innovation Fund will be tagged under #SOCIALS or #EXPLAIN, with the additional tag #WMIIF

Welcome to my meanderings, I guess.