I will not forget you,
No matter that I never knew your name.
I will not forget you,
I know, no two of your smiles were the same.

If only my hands would become bridges,

Then I would stretch them out to you.

If but my heart would become a boat,

Then that ship could be your saviour too.

But I am just a human.
A flawed and mortal soul.
There are no miracles that I can make,
that is not mans, but a deity’s role.
And to them,
I have no prayers to offer up,
Faith to me,
is like a bone dry cup.
So instead I’ll offer you, the only thing I can.
Some small words, from a fellow man.

I will not forget you,
Even through my long nights.
To make the world remember you.
I will make that my fight.

I will not forget, we failed.
I will not forget, you tried.
I will not forget, you suffered.
I will not forget,
you died.

I may no longer pray to Gods,
But to my fellow men, I will speak.
I will not let them forget the cost,
That you paid because we were weak.

Read the news today. Got very frustrated.

Wrote this poem because it’s what I do when I get frustrated.