#WBW – Worldception

Welcome back friendos! This Wednesday we're looking at world building from a perspective we haven't really dipped into before. We've talked a lot about the thing we canĀ find in our worlds, ways we can shape them and systems of all kinds. But what about our characters? Sure we have mentioned how useful certain aspects of … Continue reading #WBW – Worldception

#WBW – Insects and Animals

Welcome back my world building buds! I thought seeing as in our last post we talked about plants and all the fantastic things they can contribute to our stories and worlds, it was only fair to follow up with a post about some of the other inspiration nature can provide. Animals and insects have been … Continue reading #WBW – Insects and Animals

#WBW – Fun with Flora

Welcome back world builders! If you're among my Southern hemisphere readers, then sorry, I know this weeks post is a late one. But it's still Wednesday over on the Northern part of the world for a while yet! A lot of things pointed me in the direction of talking about plants over the last two … Continue reading #WBW – Fun with Flora

#WBW – Food Glorious Food

Welcome Back World Builders! You might have already realised this, or you might not have, but food (and drink) is probably the single most relatable concept you have at your disposal as a world builder. After all, every member of your audience needs to eat. In our world, food isn't just a necessity though. Often … Continue reading #WBW – Food Glorious Food

#WBW – Weeks, Months and Days

Welcome back World Builders! I'll start up by apologising for the text-heavy posts recently. (I know blocks of texts are tedious and boring to read.) My work contract has still been keeping me busy, but I'm hoping to have more free time to jazz up the blog with some visuals soon and plans have been … Continue reading #WBW – Weeks, Months and Days